Diesel Engine Repair in Lincoln, NE


In the United States, diesel vehicles are often associated with trucks and buses for their longevity and strong pulling power. Diesel engines are also much more fuel efficient than gas engines, which has made them wildly popular in Europe. As fuel prices continue to fluctuate, US automakers are offering diesel engines in their cars and SUVs.

Get Diesel Engine Repair in Lincoln, NE

Some Possible Diesel Engine Issues

When temperatures drop, several things happen that can make a diesel hard to start. First, the oil in the crankcase thickens. At the same time, battery output drops, reducing the number of amps available to crank the engine. The 15W-40 multi-viscosity motor oil, which is a popular warm weather choice with many diesel owners, may become too thick when temperatures go below freezing or plunge to zero or below. Straight 30- or 40-weight oils would definitely be too thick. The increased drag created by the cold oil can reduce cranking speed to the point where the engine may not generate enough cranking compression and/or fuel pressure to light the fire.

Additional examples of typical issues for diesel engines include, low-power complaints caused by a loose throttle linkage or dirty fuel filters, excessive lubrication oil use caused by leaking gaskets or leaking connections.  In addition, if a vehicle is not operated very often or is in storage between seasons, the lubricating oil tends to oxidize. Even though it is not dirty, it needs to be changed out.

Get Diesel Engine Oil Changed in Lincoln, NE

How often your vehicle requires a diesel oil change largely depends on the amount you drive, in terms of miles. If you mainly drive over shorter distances, like around town, the oil in the diesel car engine will accumulate a little more gunk or contaminants. This will lower the quality of the oil in your diesel vehicle. If your major driving habits involve highway driving then you needn’t change it so often.

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